Traipsed Vapor

for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, vibraphone, and piano

This Recording:
Nick Politi, Conductor
Andrew Santiago, Flute
Caleb Rose, Clarinet
Jonathan Fenwick, Violin
Domenick De Luca, Cello
Andrew Dana, Piano
Tyler Smith, Vibraphone

Composed in 2018 for the Cortona Sessions for New Music, Traipsed Vapor is a sequel to my 2017 piece Corn Tunes. Where Corn Tunes was written on and after a series of long walks around the rural Ohio landscape, Traipsed Vapor is inspired by the same terrain but with a more nocturnal atmosphere.

Corn Tunes was about a joy, an optimism, and a love of the Big Field. Traipsed Vapor is about fear of the Big Field. It’s because you can’t see what’s in the Big Field. There’s no streetlights. You see a phalanx of grass and then a sea of black. Maybe there’s insects?

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