The Big Lamp

A multimedia installation performance by Andrew Dana, Will Bertrand, Ian English, Sophie Shalit, Dirk Roosenburg, and Teddy Ment.

The Big Lamp Trailer from Will Bertrand on Vimeo.

The Big Lamp was a multimedia performance in the Phillips Gym racquetball courts at Oberlin College. The setup in the room included a tall aerial rig with hanging silks containing multiple fluorescent lights which turned off and on to denote the structure of the piece. Teddy Ment hung from these silks and assumed various poses behind a cloth covering the entire rig, rendering a silhouette. Accompanying this was a guided musical improvisation. My role involved organizing the improvised elements, and performing on a thunder tube, melodica, chord organ, and blowing and whistling through several plastic tubes of different lengths. Additional instruments included a harmonica, trombone, broken cymbal, and a laptop playing various spectral chords over the room’s resonant frequency.

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