Andrew Dana is a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in composition. His music is informed by an eclectic range of musical styles and concepts ranging from free jazz to renaissance counterpoint, and through these influences strives for a deep and harmonically rich expressivity.

Composing for chamber groups and orchestra, he has had work performed by the Cleveland Chamber Symphony, members of the Seattle Symphony, and several ensembles and musicians from Oberlin, Seattle, and Austin. In 2018 and 2019, he was a fellow at the Cortona sessions for new music, where multiple pieces of his were premiered by musicians from around the world. In Spring of 2019, he was selected to participate in the Cleveland Chamber Symphony’s Young and Emerging Composers program, culminating in the performance of his piece “Machine Parts”. He has contributed and performed music in multiple jazz ensembles in Oberlin and Austin. In collaborations with colleagues, he has also participated in multimedia performances including electronics and improvisation.

Born and raised near Seattle, his early love of music originated from the Gustav Holst and Yellow Magic Orchestra in his father’s record collection. As he grew older, the jazz and rock scenes of his hometown contributed significantly to his artistic and compositional development, culminating in his participation in such varied programs as the Seattle Symphony Young Composer’s Workshop (under the tutelage of Huck Hodge), Centrum Jazz Workshop (studying piano under Eric Reed), and programs at Cornish College, where he studied under Janice Giteck and Wayne Horvitz. He has since studied under Elizabeth Ogonek, Tom Lopez, Stephen Hartke, and Januibe Tejera.